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Welcome to the country of Malta, perhaps one of the most beautiful and perhaps the happiest countries in the Mediterranean. Malta, which has a very old history, has been under the protection of many countries for many years and then regained its freedom completely. The port of Malta, which has always been very busy with trade in the Mediterranean, has made direct trade with almost every country that has a coast on the Mediterranean. Today, the main distribution center of the container trade in the Mediterranean countries is by far Malta. For more information please look to Malta.

Malta also provides the opportunity to repair ships of very large tonnage, with many shipyards located in Malta, it is the country that operates the largest shipyard in Europe. Its prices are much more reasonable compared to Northern European countries and it is preferred by many shipowners and operators due to its very high quality standards. The country of Malta, which has a heavy shipyard traffic, also offers many options for incoming ships. Ship Chandler Malta claim that we do this job best in the port of Malta. Ship Chandler Malta are more assertive than all our other colleagues, not only with our prices but also with the quality of the service we provide.

As we mentioned above, many ships come to the shipyards for repair and maintenance in the port of Malta and want to meet their needs quickly. Ship Chandler Malta provide uninterrupted service every day of the week with our professional team in this regard. After your needs are communicated to us, we provide you with a fast response with meticulous work.

Ship Chandler Malta provide uninterrupted service for the needs of ships in the port of Malta, Ship Chandler Malta provide all kinds of materials and provisions that your ships need, Ship Chandler Malta have adopted the best service strategy with our expert team and friendly service understanding.